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If you pay your real estate bill online, you WILL NOT be mailed a tax receipt. You can print it from website.

For vehicle tax payments, the confirmation receipt that you print after completing your tax payment is only a confirmation of your payment. This printed receipt IS NOT ACCEPTABLE as proof of payment at the DMV office. Your official tax receipt will be mailed to you within seven (7) business days of your payment. Dorchester County will not fax a receipt, so please allow enough time to receive your official tax receipt in the mail. You should receive the decal 5-7 days after your payment has been processed in our system.

Delinquent Property Tax payments CANNOT be paid by credit card! Delinquent Vehicle tax payments CAN be paid by credit card.

Delinquent Tax records are not available on this site. To view Delinquent Tax records, click HERE.
For information on Delinquent Tax Payments, please contact the Delinquent Tax Office at 843-832-0110 or 843-563-0110.

Current tax year credit card payments for property taxes (delinquent on March 17th) cannot be accepted online after 11:59 p.m. EST on March 16, 2017.

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You cannot pay the below record(s) online. Please contact the Delinquent Tax Collector's office at 843.832.0110 or 843.563.0110 for further information.
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